Guitar Kit 2: Hand Crafted Kit

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For a more hands-on experience!

This Kit Includes

Everything in Guitar Kit 1, except the guitar body contour and pocket cavities are not pre-cut. Your students can use a band saw and hand tools (router and drill) to create the guitar body shape and pocket cavities. Full sized drawings are included to help create templates for the body contour, pockets, and head stock. Your students can take pride in hand finishing and creatively painting this project.

For Education

Students will gain practical experience using a variety of materials and tools associated with custom woodworking. Students will learn to interpret technical drawings and will plan and fabricate with the Guitar project.

Recommended for: Manufacturing Technology - Grade 11 and 12, and Construction Technology: Woodworking - Grade 11 and 12

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Strat Guitar Kit with Basswood Blank - Part Number: GSTRAT-101001-Blank

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$189.95 CAD

$75.00 CAD

5 Pack of GSTRAT-105001-Blank

$649.75 CAD

$250.00 CAD

*Works out to $50 each.

GSTRAT-101001L-Blank Left-handed

$189.95 CAD

$75.00 CAD